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Yesterday, I finally updated my iPad to the iOS4.2 version. It seemed like it would be cooler. Among the more relevant (to me) changes offered are: (as advertised on the Apple website):

Game Center: Be more social with your gaming. Find friends or use auto-match to play multiplayer games against new opponents. Track achievements and compare high scores.5

iTunes TV show rentals: Rent TV shows commercial free in HD for just 99¢ an episode and start watching them in minutes.

Even better Mail: See messages from all your accounts in a unified inbox, organize messages by threads, and open attachments in third-party apps.

Notes with fonts: Customize your notes using different fonts — Marker Felt, Helvetica, and Chalkboard.

Keyboard and dictionary enhancements: iOS 4.2 includes support for over 50 languages and dialects, with more than 30 new international keyboards and dictionaries for iPad.

Plus, they added a multi-tasking feature, the ability to wirelessly print (if I had such a printer) and the even cooler ability to stream digital media from my iPad to an Apple TV (if I had such a TV). I mean, overall, it seems cool.

Off I went to bed, excited to explore all the newbies on my iPad. I click on the upper right hand corner button to lock my screen so I can keep everything on Portrait even while lying in bed. Funny…but it kept showing me the Mute icon instead. I click on it again…and it brings the sound back.

I literally flipped my damned iPad around and around searching for any other kind of button that would somehow lock my screen.

No success.

Really? Who ever thought that having a mute button (as well as a volume button you only have to press a few times to get to mute) was way more important than keeping what I’m reading/watching/playing still in case I actually lean over too much in one direction???

Stupid update.

And on another note, the battery life is half what it used to be. I still haven’t figured out why yet. I’m assuming it’s because of the “multi-tasking” capabilities. Although, I don’t know what my iPad is multitasking when all I’m doing is reading my Bar outlines on iBook…

All I want to know now is how to “downgrade” back to the previous version. This new one and I are not getting along.

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Free Books! *Swoon*

As many of you already know, I got a new iPad from my mom and I’ve been playing around on it a little bit. However, because of the fact that I am currently broke, I have been extremely careful to not buy anything from the App Store. So, yes, I definitely have the medium to quench the iApp-envy, but no, I do not yet have the funds to fully indulge.

However, I have been playing Free Sudoku and a few other Free games.

I watch Netflix on it like mad. (I have finished up to Season 7 of the X-Files…sigh, I remember why I used to crush on David Duchovny as a tween.)

I check my e-mail and love how I can easily move around from one account to another. I listen to iTunes on it and check the weather and NPR.  It is handy when all you want to do is look. It’s less handy for replying to emails or checking Facebook or anything else that involves actual interaction online.

But I digress.

Today, I discovered that there are free books for download. I almost swooned. My heart literally beat so hard and so fast it couldn’t have been healthy.  Thus, following that light headed moment, I went on a download frenzy.

Some of my all-time favorite classics that I have already re-read at least twice each shall be read once again because of this nifty little “free” button:

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
  • Greek Mythology
  • Little Women
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Scarlet Letter

And new classics I have always wanted to read are now at my fingertips!

  • The Jungle
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Jane Eyre
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I did very easily bypass all the free Charles Dickens titles (*shudder for A Tale of Two Cities).

I also downloaded a couple of mystery thrillers and a couple of romance ones. What? I’m a girl, you know I’ll read that crap just to go “aw” and wonder if men who would choose love over anything else really exist.

Anyway, I also happily learned that these same books are free to download on Borders. I downloaded the Borders ebook reader as a back-up to the iReader because I get far more discounts from Borders.com than I do from the iTunes App Store. For example, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is about $7.99 on Borders if you’re a member, and $14.99 on iTunes App store.

So now, I’m off to read! *Does Happy Wiggle Dance*

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