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Sometimes, I like to watch movie trailers and just tease myself.

Yeah, I know, I got issues.

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So AP took me out for a birthday dinner Thursday night. We went to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant and took advantage of their DineLA Restaurant Week prixe fixe three-course meal.  Then we headed to LA Live and had a couple of drinks at Lucky Strike Lanes.  Then, we caught a movie.

Because it was my “birthday” all over again, I got to choose the movie. I could be as geeky as I wanted, and of course I gave AP two choices: Daybreakers or Legion. (LoL.) He picked Legion, thinking it was the less-trendy-vampire-geeky choice.

It wasn’t a bad choice.


In fact, it had the hottest, coolest, most bad-ass angels I’ve ever seen. 

Paul Bettany is hotter than ever as the Archangel Michael. He’s been an obnoxious bard and an albino monk killer, and everything else in between, so why not be the coolest God-defying angel around, too?  Bettany’s got the thin-lipped, pale blue-eyed, coldly handsome looks to pull off the desperate kind of defiance required for the role. He’s got the physique and carriage to believably make Archangel Michael accessible yet imposing. 

Or maybe I just like the coat he was wearing. 

Either way, Bettany as Archangel Michael makes me want to do bad things…just so he would have a reason to come down and try to smite me. *griiins.*

 The best surprise for me, though, was the casting of Kevin Durand as Gabriel. What better way to use his 6’6″ frame and deep, deep baritone voice than as one of God’s mighty angels? In the Bible, Gabriel is considered a “messenger” angel as opposed to a warrior-type archangel. I’d like to think Gabriel had the same deep, reverberating voice that Durand has when he delivered God’s messages.  Haha! In the movie, however, he is an archangel and he has a great fight scene with Michael, who has chosen to fall from grace to save humanity. See below for the beginning of the fight.


The reimagining of the archangel is just so awesome that AP and I had to look at each other in amazed delight. 

The movie had its obvious plot holes and there were points in the movie that were so bizarre I had to laugh out loud.  There were cliches left and right, but hey…it was one heck of a fun ride anyway.

It was definitely a fun birthday night!

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My other Boyfriend is a Wolf.

New Moon

Jacob Black

Yes, I am giving in to the Call of the Cougar. Who cares? If guys like him really did just drop in through windows like in New Moon, I’d keep my windown open always. 

I was thoroughly amused and did indeed look over at EV for a bunch of giggle fests whenever the Shirtless-Wolf-Wonder came on the screen.  I also giggled everytime the great Edward Cullen appeared and moved in slow motion.  The movie, yeah, was kind of lame.  But again, who cares?  Have you NOT seen Jacob Black?

‘Nuff said.

(okay, end of Cougarishness. please don’t call the authorities.)

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and I am still compeltely Team JACOB…

even though I know how everything ends.

At least his muscles are real and not spray-painted.


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Terminator: Salvation

I’ve always been a great big sci-fi geek, which naturally makes me a great big Terminator franchise fan.  Thus, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Terminator: Salvation and watched it the week that it came out with my friend PMaster.

I really liked it.  I mean, first of all, Christian Bale is John Connor.  This is a drastically huge improvement from Nick Stahl.  On the other hand, they really almost evened-out the field when they replaced Claire Danes with Bryce Dallas Howard.  I think that there was so much of Danes’s spunk that was lost in the watery blue eyes of Howard.

But, I enjoyed Moon Bloodgood and Sam Worthington a lot.

I mean with a name like Moon Bloodgood…how can you not like her?

The little girl, Jadagrace (as Star) and Anton Yelchin (in another cool role in a huge summer blockbuster, as Kyle Reese) really rounded out the cast of characters for me.  I think they all gave solid performances.  I really only didn’t like Byrce Dallas Howard.

I really liked the idea of such an intricate little trick to kill John Connor as to create a human-robot hybrid that could instill trust and sympathy from Connor.  It was a bold undertaking. I think Sam Worthington did the best portrayal he could of the character he was given.  I wish they could have gone deeper into the storyline.

But such is the case with all summer blockbusters.  The more the bang the bigger the buck.

Overall, a solid B.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins-Special Shoot


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Encore: Wolverine

My mother has the biggest crush on Hugh Jackman.


So, naturally, on her birthday we took her to watch Wolverine.  Nevermind that I’ve already seen it and wasn’t totally impressed.  Anything for mom. *coughs* not-that-I-don’t-have-the-second-biggest-crush-on-hugh-jackman-or-anything *coughs*

And surprise, surprise: Wolverine is actually really good when you don’t expect it to be.

Just sayin.

Encore gets a B+.

whaddya know.

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It’s the first day of Law School and I’m sitting in this large classroom filled with bright young students typing furiously away on their laptops learning something along the lines of Legal Methods.  The instructor is talking about some magical moment when a student actually begins to understand the root of a law school problem…that moment when the professor’s Socratic method stops being torturous and becomes logical…she grins slightly and declares, “It’s like having a Vulcan mind-meld with your professor.”

Yeah, that went right over my head.

Until last night.

I saw Star Trek and I had a moment of pure clarity when Mr. Nimoy performs the Vulcan Mind Meld on Chris Pine.  Aha!  So that’s what a Vulcan Mind Meld is!  Leave it to me to not even bother to look it up for a whole year and a half since Legal Methods class.  But watching the movie felt like a piece of a giant pop culture puzzle just started to click into place for me, and while I’m generations late, I’m signing up for the Star Fleet!!!

I loved the movie, especially Spock.  I really enjoyed how he tried so very hard to be the stoic Vulcan, but always, always manages to give in to his human nature so very effortlessly.  Mmm…I like me them tortured ones.

Chris Pine was very foine eye-candy as well. I cannot complain there.  I didn’t even mind the several times he was choked in the movie.  He definitely has his comic timing down pat.

And speaking of flawless comic timing…what about John Cho and his fencing?  Loved it.  Love him!

The movie definitely had great character development, a storyline that wasn’t entirely confusing, excellent comedic & dramatic performances and fabulous special effects.

There were only 3 things I didn’t like about the movie.  I despised the kid who played young Kirk (really bad acting, kid), there should have been more fun training scenes, and finally….the movie should have been longer!

For all of the above, I give Star Trek a solid A.

PS, all this while, every time they said, “Beam me up, Scotty,” I thought “scotty” was a machine.  Nope. Another puzzle piece clicked in place.  Scotty=person/ship engineer. gotcha. thanks.

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I watched Wolverine at the 12:09 AM showing the day it opened.  The night before my first law school final of the semester. Yeah, I wanted to watch it that bad.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as awesome as I expected.

My friend asked me what I thought…and it was really quite sad when all I could muster was, “It was okay.”  He sighed and said the same thing.  But neither of us could really pinpoint what was so wrong.  It had ALL the right ingredients to be fantastic:

  2. Special Effects
  3. Awesome fight scenes
  4. A great back story

But at the end of it, I was left distinctly unsatisfied.  I felt like the movie never really reached a climax.  There was so much room for so much more plot development that by simply touching on everything, I was left dissatisfied.  It was all flash and no content.  It was reducing an epic poem like The Odyssey into a limerick.

Plus, I was a fan of the comics, the old cartoons, the trading cards and the like…and I was unhappy with some of the changes they made to the storyline and the characters.   For example, as hot as Daniel Henney was as Agent Zero, the comic book character was supposed to be a guy named David North who is East German.  Not half-Korean, half-British hotness.  Not that I’m really complaining about that choice, but simply to emphasize the difference in their adaptation of the comics.

I was also pretty sure it was not Silver Fox that led to Wolverine’s demise, but Lady Deathstrike, as Yuriko Oyama, Wolverine’s fiancee.  I also thought it was her father who invented adamantium in the first place.  *shrug*

However, there’s still Hugh Jackman.  One can never go wrong there.  He was all rippling muscle and thrilling snarls.  Anger and testosterone. Animal magnetism and … um … facial hair.  Suffice it to say, I at least enjoyed having him on screen 90% of the time.

Liev Schrieber was also really really good in his role as Sabretooth.  He was that kind of character that really had no qualms about killing for the heck of it, where everything served no greater purpose than his own.

Ryan Reynolds, as always, also adds humor & his hot body to the movie as Deadpool.

However, aside from those three, I didn’t think the rest of the roles were very well-acted.

It’s still a popcorn-munching fun of a blockbuster movie for sure, though!  I’d still recommend watching it in theaters for the special effects, and waiting for the DVD which will hopefully have better character development in the deleted scenes.

Grade: B-

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i love my fashionable girlfriends.  while i’m mostly still a sweats/jeans/t-shirt kind of girl, i’ve definitely learned from them.

Purdy Ladies

Purdy Ladies

What I’m wearing:

F21 Black & White print pleated skirt, F21 ruffled halter top, F21 wide yellow belt (which roomie lent). also, can’t see it, but i had the most fabulous pouf in my hair courtesy of miss EV.

dinner was at Blue Dahlia in Downtown LA.

  • the place was really cute, with a back patio that was lit up with string lights and japanese lanterns
  • service was pretty awful, with our waiter taking YEARS to take our order & get our orders out.
  • but the wine list is commendable. we ordered A. Mano fiano-greco
  • i ordered the ahi tuna salad which was fabulous — despite the fact that the food came out almost an hour and a half after we ordered it.  sigh.  i swear, i think our waiter was just a spazz.

wine ahi tuna salad

When we got home, we hung out, pulled out the microwave popcorn, and what else? Watched Sex and the City: the Movie!

movie time

love u girls!

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Summer movies I’d like to Watch:

1. Terminator: Salvation

  • Because I have always been a huge fan of the franchise.
  • Because it’s just my kind of action adventure.
  • Because it’s Christian Bale. Durh.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • Because I’ve been into X-Men since I was 5 years old.
  • Because this is just my kind of kick-ass movie.
  • Because it’s HUGH JACKMAN. ‘Nuff said.

3. Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

  • Because I’ve invested money watching the last 5 flicks
  • I haven’t read the book, but I heard this one was the best installment.
  • Because…well, it’s Harry Potter.

4. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • If I was ten years younger, I’d be into Shia.
  • Because I watched the first movie 3 times in the theaters and clapped when Optimus Prime busted out.
  • Because I used to have the toys when I was a kid.
  • Because it’s got cool robot action.

5. Angels & Demons

  • I liked the book loads.
  • I am hoping they make amends for utterly screwing up the Da Vinci Code

6. The Proposal

  • Ryan Reynolds’ body.
  • Romantic Comedy. Durh.

7. 500 Days of Summer

  • Quirky movie
  • Great buzz from Sundance
  • 3rd Rock kid all growed up. Aww.

8. Public Enemies

  • Johnny Depp as a Gangster. Hells yeah!
  • Christian Bale. Durh.
  • Gonna be a great storyline.  Expect deepness.

9. The Brothers Bloom

  • It’s FUN!!! Quirky!!! Entertaining!!!
  • It’s full of people that aren’t perfect-looking but really just…you’ll fall in love with them right away anyway.

10. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

  • Oh, c’mon. Don’t begrudge me my Romantic comedies, okay?
  • I love people with dimples and Matthew McConaughey & Jennifer Garner both have dimples.

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