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This will be the MVP of my closet.


I really want the Nike AW77 half-zip.  But the Men’s version, not the women’s.

I also want the same but in a reversible jacket form.

Mmm…Nike Men’s hoodies are the best.

And it helps that Manny Pacquiao is the model for it.

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i love my fashionable girlfriends.  while i’m mostly still a sweats/jeans/t-shirt kind of girl, i’ve definitely learned from them.

Purdy Ladies

Purdy Ladies

What I’m wearing:

F21 Black & White print pleated skirt, F21 ruffled halter top, F21 wide yellow belt (which roomie lent). also, can’t see it, but i had the most fabulous pouf in my hair courtesy of miss EV.

dinner was at Blue Dahlia in Downtown LA.

  • the place was really cute, with a back patio that was lit up with string lights and japanese lanterns
  • service was pretty awful, with our waiter taking YEARS to take our order & get our orders out.
  • but the wine list is commendable. we ordered A. Mano fiano-greco
  • i ordered the ahi tuna salad which was fabulous — despite the fact that the food came out almost an hour and a half after we ordered it.  sigh.  i swear, i think our waiter was just a spazz.

wine ahi tuna salad

When we got home, we hung out, pulled out the microwave popcorn, and what else? Watched Sex and the City: the Movie!

movie time

love u girls!

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Anatomy of a Quick Spring Break:

Friday, April 3

  • Fly to YVR
  • Bus ride on the Snowbus to Whistler
  • Arrive at Whistler
  • Total Time: Woke up at 4:30 AM and arrived at Whistler at 4:30 PM = 12 hours.

Saturday & Sunday, April 4-5

  • Snowboarding
  • Drinking
  • Dancing
  • Laughing
  • New-friending
  • Snow playing
  • Fun times, Fun times

Monday, April 6

  • Bus ride on Pacific Coach to YVR
  • Picked up by IC & AT at airport for Vancouver fun!
  • Total Time: Bus left Whistler at 10:00 AM arrived at YVR at 12:30 PM = 2.5 hours
  • Insert in some serious Vancouver Sight-seeing:
  1. Granville Island
  2. Gas Town
  3. Shopping
  4. Food!
  5. English Bay
  6. Prospect Point
  7. etc…etc…

Tuesday, April 7

  • Bus ride on Quick Coach from Vancouver to Bellingham
  • Brief stop at the border.
  • Fly from Bellingham to Seattle
  • Fly from Seattle to LA
  • Total Time: Bus left Vancouver at 1:30 PM arrived at home at 11:00 PM = 9.5 hours.


Wednesday, Thursday, April 8-9

  • Recovery mode
  • Work/Chores/semi-reality

Friday, April 10

  • Fly from LAX to SFO
  • Hang out with brothers

Saturday, April 11

  • Hang out with family
  • Hang out with friends

Sunday, April 12

  • Fly from SFO to LAX
  • Easter festivities!

And that…was my Spring Break. Whew.

Exhausting, but definitely fun!  It didn’t help that half the time I was sick, but by the end of this weekend, I am definitely better. Go medical sciences!


Fun: 50 million pointsW

Studying: utter FAILure.

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So what if I’m wearing Black Tights, with Brown Shoes and a Navy Blazer?  Have I broken some code of fashion where blacks and browns don’t mix, or blacks and navy bring on the blues?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

The shirt is from H&M and was about $24.00.

The blazer is from Forever21 and was about $17.00.

Tights are from the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles for about $4.00.

Shoes are Steve Maddens for $89.00 –> but these were a gift from Mom!

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The effect of having a fashionable roommate is to make the fashion unable aspire.  I’m still hoping her fashion ability will enable my dormant one.  Or maybe create a non-existent one.  It’s a long shot, but as Merlin sang in the Classic Disney Film, The Sword in the Stone, “It’s up to you how far you go…if you don’t try you’ll never know…”
I know, I know, it’s a cheap shot quoting a cartoon and using a quote that applies to everything…but *shrug* if it works, it works.

So, I went to school on Monday and felt like I ought to wear something NOT jeans and t-shirt (which is what I normally wear.)  Here’s the result:

H&M Black Jumper Dress + Forever 21 Black Woven Belt

H&M Black Jumper Dress + Forever 21 Black Woven Belt

This outfit cost less than $15.  The dress I bought off the H&M sale rack on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving when everything and their mom is on sale) for $5.99 and the belt came with another outfit from F21 that was also on sale for under $10. I topped the outfit off with a dark wash jean jacket from Guess (which I bought my Junion year in high school and still fits — no matter how hard I hoped I would still grow).  The jacket cost $40+ dollars over ten years ago.

Also, it’s awkward to the MAX trying to take pictures of myself, but Roommate says it gets easier in time. I hope so.

However, personality kicked in later that day.  I went home during a break in classes and changed into black Adidas track pants and a black t-shirt.  Ooops…

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Someday I’m gonna carve that learning curve to pieces with one of these sweet thangs:

Burton Clash 139

Burton Clash 139


Burton Cruzer 139

Burton Cruzer 139


Burton Lux 139

Burton Lux 139


Burton Citizen Bindings

Burton Citizen Bindings

and of course,

Hot Snowboard Pants

Hot Snowboard Pants

Snowboard Pants in Black

Snowboard Pants in Black





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