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I’ve been watching Criminal Minds a lot lately. There’s just really nothing much on TV late at night, but there are some Criminal Minds reruns. There was a scene where they go through an “Un-Sub’s” (Unknown Subject) belongings. The Behavioral Analysis Unit goes through this guy’s stuff and makes all these assumptions about who he was, or what made him the way he was, or what the “trigger” was.

I looked around my room. What can someone tell about me based on the items in my room? Based on the books i have in my bookshelf, the kinds of shoes I have, my clothes, what’s in my bathroom, the pictures in the frames, the mix of neatness and order with hurried disarray.

They figured out the guy based on the minute and drastic changes in his drawings. I wonder (since I can’t draw to save my life) if they can figure me out based on my writings. Can you find my “trigger”? What drives me? What motivates me? Could they really tell from the stories that I write that I’ve changed?

It’s so interesting that there are people who can look at everything that surrounds the person and build a context of the life that person had. I look at my life and I can’t figure out how they would do it. I almost want to ask someone who works for the BAU to profile me. Just so I know who I am.

When you look at the people, the things you have and the things you create in your life…do you think they reflect who you think you are?

Go Team Jacob!

Go Lizard Repellent! Are You Only Available in India?

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My other Boyfriend is a Wolf.

New Moon

Jacob Black

Yes, I am giving in to the Call of the Cougar. Who cares? If guys like him really did just drop in through windows like in New Moon, I’d keep my windown open always. 

I was thoroughly amused and did indeed look over at EV for a bunch of giggle fests whenever the Shirtless-Wolf-Wonder came on the screen.  I also giggled everytime the great Edward Cullen appeared and moved in slow motion.  The movie, yeah, was kind of lame.  But again, who cares?  Have you NOT seen Jacob Black?

‘Nuff said.

(okay, end of Cougarishness. please don’t call the authorities.)

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and I am still compeltely Team JACOB…

even though I know how everything ends.

At least his muscles are real and not spray-painted.


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On my way back from San Francisco to Los Angeles, my flight was delayed for about three hours. My family had dropped me off at the airport almost two hours before my original flight was scheduled. I was stuck at SFO for about five hours. Naturally, I bought the book I’ve been curious about since I saw a special about the rabid fans of the upcoming movie: Twilight.

Prior to that small news segment, the camera panning across hundreds of fans lining up for the Twilight premiere, I had never even known the book existed, much less that a movie had been made. Where have I been that I missed such a massive…um…movement?

Two probable reasons:

1. Law school: I have lived in a bubble where the only books that existed had titles like Evidence, Property, Constitutional Law…you get the gist…and when I wasn’t reading those books, I was desperately trying to spend the rest of my other time unreading.

2. I Grew Up: I used to ravenously read those little tweenie books written by LJ Smith, Christopher Pike, RL Stine…yada, yada, yada. If I were fifteen (or eighteen, sigh) again, I would have been all over a book like Twilight…and the subsequent books that make up the entire saga.

So, that fateful flight-delayed-rainy-San Francisco day at the airport, I finally caved and bought the book.

I read through the first half of the book in the airport, pausing only to take a short nap at the Gate A11, and had the itch to watch the film. I thought to myself: Wow, this is some ambitious stuff. The emotions, the tension, and the sheer confused passion of the characters were so ambitious that I was really curious how they could translate it onto the screen.

So, BF–being awesome as he is–took me to watch the movie in one of the handful of theaters that still show it. I told him it was a cool vampire movie. Which is about a third-true.

I walked out of the movie mildly disappointed, but even more eager to read the rest of the book.  Let me tell you why…


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