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You guys are my poster children for how Love is Patient and Conquers All.

I was so excited to be there at your elopement in Vegas (you made me all emotional and happy and cry)…and I am equally excited for the upcoming wedding. It’s awesome to know that you’ve been together for over a decade, and still look at each other with stars in your eyes.


You keep me believing in True Love and Soulmates.

Thank you.

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I always meant to dedicate a post to the Vegas trip with some of my favorite people in Law School.  These guys (and beautiful gal) have really become like my family here in Los Angeles.  I adore them and love them to their itty bitty pieces: from TheS’s inability to imbibe copious amounts of Hennessey, to Tinman’s quotable quotes, to Kong’s snores, to Eon’s hushed parental conversations in the hallway, and to @sigh’s shoe-swapping with me.

Quoi le Hell!









i really *heart* you guys!

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It was Hotter than Hell in


and MY ANGELS came out to PLAY…

too ballin’ so no self parking
double upgraded baller suite
black guy telling Dieu to tell her gf’s they are the hottest thing but they look like they don’t like black guys
getting booked for guys like Miguel and Juan by a Korean who swore he was their friends
free limo ride with free shots
a seamless experience that made the gfs text the bfs
touch-y, feel-y, grab-y
us girls being asked to dance on stage at a strip club
having boys buy us $40 orange juice only for us to walk away
Sarah getting random ass emails/texts from those guys
bruised legs and asses
jess’ fall count

still gay…

I drunk dialed Meeesheee and my mom called me first thing in the morning…OH SHIT…was I so drunk that I pressed the wrong “M” contact on my phone?  Did I DRUNK-DIAL MY MOM???

a long hot walk to earl of sandwich @ PH
7 asian girls and 2 white guys reading shanghai girls in an elevator
being blown away by a life size blowdryer poolside
gossip sessions about psychos we know
jack daniel peer pressuring
walkin’ straight in to XS
Kevin Durant calls Alice a bitch
Annie making some guy take off and lose his shoes/socks in the pool
“I’m so horny right now!”
“DON’T’ DO IT!!! talking to boys leads to sex!
Izzy being told by some guy that she’s the most uniquely beautiful girl he’s ever met
Jess continuously asking Annie’s friends the same Qs and freakin out thinking someone commuted from Newport to Hastings everyday
telling guys fake names and then running into them again and forgetting which fake name was used
running into a bunch of old/current friends
wakin’ up without wearing underwear
hungover the plane ride home

and as always…MORE BOOTY-SLAPPIN’!!!



vegas12 bw



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“What Happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.”

But there are some things unseen that we will take home, and some changes undefined that will eventually have to be made.

I was happy to get to know some people even more and build stronger bonds.  I loved laughing and dancing with my friends.  My feet hurt, hurt, hurt!  But oh-so-worth-it!

There are some things that were too fun to stay in Vegas.  I am grateful for:

  • the pillow talks and girl talk with non-girls, especially with AJB, RS & EV <3.
  • JJC gets a special ❤ 2 ❤ moment with me on the couches staring out at the amazing view of the strip
  • home-made foot spas with EV –> not so much the crashing in by RS–> and no, I don’t appreciate rice and crackers sprinkled at me as a way of “feeding me” either. LoL!
  • Hot, loaded guys in XS who talk pretty and make me smile…then invite me to go snowboarding in the winter and going out on the lake in Tahoe in the summer –> magic words for a girl like me =)
  • “Are you giving me drugs?!?!” –> best quote from a guy ever! Hahaha!
  • Learning who is a spooner and a spoonee –> who is the giver here?
  • Lounging by the pool and watching a social experiment unfold before my very eyes, thanks, AJB, that was entertaining.
  • the massage train in the jacuzzi
  • Just Dance!
  • TL saying, “Isabelle, I’m gonna make sure you have fun tonight!”
  • TL asking, “Isabelle, are you having fun yet?”
  • TL asking, “How about now?  Having fun?”
  • TL saying, “Izzy, we’re having fun!”
  • TL saying, “Izzy, you’re so fun!” Picks me up and spins ’round right ’round on the dance floor.
  • SIH with his blingin’ Persian-mafia-this-is-how-i-roll-in-Vegas shirt that put us all girls to shame!
  • roastbeef sandwiches with delish horseradish mmmmm….
  • japanese-brazilian-peruvian dinner…MMM…
  • SH saying, “I judge people by their dancing, and I think we can be cool!”
  • the 17-hour long buzzzzzz — mission accomplished.
  • not losing any $$$
  • dancing with PD, fun times, fun times
  • wingwomanning – is that even a word? It is now.  Take that, Goose!
  • feeling the breeze with KO
  • long drives up and home with KO, and making fun of my crankiness from my hunger, and talking about everything and anything
  • hella random “would you rather” questions from JJC!
  • “Would you rather gallop everywhere instead of walking, or say “eeeeehhhh” at the end of every sentence?”
  • “Would you rather go thirsty or go hungry?” ME: “Go hungry.”  KO: “Do you see yourself when you’re hungry?  I think you should go thirsty.”  Hahahaha!


I love all my girls!

I had my FIRST EVER hangover at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas.  How inordinately appropriate.  I have to thank AJB for picking me off the bed when my heart rate was skyrocketing and forcing me to hydrate and feed myself.  It was the only way I survived to the next level of Vegas adventure.

I’m definitely down to go back…but do more pool partying, show-watching and strip walking…No, not that kind of strip walking.

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