All We Have Are Moments

Some days I get so down.
Sometimes, I feel like my heart just broke and nothing would ever fix it again.
Other times, I feel this bitterness just seeping into me about how life just isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.
And still other times, I’m just sad.

But then again, that’s really just life.

Because as much as people focus on the dark, gloomy parts of life, every other moment, every other “some day” and “some time” is a good, happy moment.

So, here is a blog about those good moments that just happen everyday. I believe that everyone has a choice to recognize and see the good in everyday.

Some days, it’s definitely harder, but this blog will at least force me to think on the day and reflect on what made me smile.


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  1. i’m really glad that you have a blog about just the good moments. it makes me so sad that you have so many gloomy sad moments. i hope this blog helps you see the brighter side of life! (:

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