She’s beautiful. Inside and out. 

She’s got this beautiful heart-shaped face, almond eyes that flash with life, and a quirky little vein on her forehead.  She’s got a smile that just lights her up, makes her larger than her tiny frame.  She has a heart of gold — a heart that gives to its very last beat.  When she loves you, you will know you are loved.  Yes, she’s beautiful.

She’s also kind of crazy.

Crazy in that way where she’s made decisions I would never even have contemplated.  And she’s survived and thrived in situations that would have kicked my ass.  She constantly crosses the line that I’ve always wondered about crossing, but never really have had the guts to do so.  She wraps her fears and concerns around her…and then plunges right into facing those fears.  Yeah, she’s kind of crazy.

And I adore her.

It’s not everyday that a girl knows she always has a best friend in someone — no matter what, when, where, how or why.  Time can pass, bridges can burn, seasons could change, and yet when I’m with her the whole world stops and time ceases to matter.  We are just Biggs and Bim.

We will love each other unconditionally.  We will never judge.  We will hold hands in the dark.  We will put into words our deepest fears and our greatest shame.  And the hand will still hold, the love will never change.


 biggles copy

i love you, biggs.

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